• Tarot Garden

    Tarot Garden

    「タロットガーデン」はイタリアトスカーナ地方につくられたタロットカードをモチーフとした彫刻公園。 ニキは制作期間中この女帝の中に住み、寝食を忘れ20年の歳月をかけて完成させた。
    The Tarot Garden. A sculptural garden constructed in Tuscany, Italy. Its motif was a tarot card. Niki kept living in this Empress and devoted all her energy to the construction for twenty years
  • My Love in Ceramics
    マイ ラブ 愛の始まりから終りまで50枚のタイルに描いたもの。 ニキの女性的な部分が強く出ている愛くるしい作品。
    My Love. Love from start through end. Niki’s feminine lovely part is expressed in 50 tiles.
  • Nana


    Nana series were born after the Shooting Paintings. The theme was “women”. Niki grew up in the environment with the value that “Women should get married, obey their husbands and bear children.” Niki reviewed the role of women and her own life through artistic creation.
  • 親愛なるヨーコ
    1988 A Happy New Year! You started the Niki Museum project. Thank you very much for your passion, your madness and your gentleness.
    Niki 1987. 12. 10
  • Colored Sculptures

    Colored Sculptures

    Around 1964, Niki encountered polyester, the newest material in those days. This material enabled Niki make curved line freely, so Niki could build giant sculptures in the outdoor and create colored sculptures.